vendredi 13 juillet 2012

The movie Omertà and René Angélil

By Bernard Bujold ( - 
The film Omertà with the famous Rene Angelil is now in movie theater. I was not able to attend the movie premiere in mid-June and so I went to the public opening of July. It's an interesting film whose story sticks fairly well to Montreal. I even recognized the restaurant owner of the film which could well be a former Montreal great restaurant owner where I went a few times. The character in the film and the restaurant owner of real life are very similar as well as their institutions. Rene Angelil, for its part is excellent in his role as well as other actors, including Stéphane Rousseau who is surprising. 
The text of The Gazette sums up the film and its filming very well.
Photo 1: Poster Film Omerta;
Photo 2: Scene of the movie with Rene Angelil;
See story The Montreal Gazette ;

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