mardi 3 juillet 2012

Le Forum mondial de la langue française - Québec 2012

By Bernard Bujold ( - 
"Le Forum mondial de la langue française" in Quebec (July 2 to 6, 2012) provokes interesting thoughts on what is a language and the most remarkable reflection is not the protester who booed Stephen Harper! The debate is much more universal. 
Personally, I remember my childhood in Gaspésie, while English was a minority and a jargon completely isolated to villages who had some link with the British during colonization. In the 70s, excellent communication in French in Quebec was represented for the majority of the population by TV anchors style of Bernard Derome of Radio-Canada. Today in 2012, I recently found myself in the elevator with a couple of young people who greeted me in English, and they continued to talk to each other in Russian... 
Since the globalization of the world, the language of expression has become universal and one might add that it is mainly composed of 0 because of the internet. In a sense, the world has become a sort of tower of babel but with people who manage to understand each other despite their differences. All borders and all races have fallen. Who would have thought that a black person would become president of the United States? 
What will be the language of communication of tomorrow? Very clever who can predict it with certainty! 
Good forum to the participants in Quebec. 
Photo 1: Bernard Derome, Barack Obama, Stephen Harper;
Photo 2: Plains of Abraham - Quebec;
See website Le Forum mondial de la langue française ;

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