mercredi 11 juillet 2012

The next provincial election in Quebec - September 4, 2012

A GOOD and BAD news ... 
THE GOOD: Jean Charest will call a general election in Quebec on August 1 for a vote Tuesday, Sept. 4 after Labor Day. 
THE BAD: the defeat of Jean Charest will be a challenge for opponents because none of the other leaders in contention does collect the popular sentiment of voters. And when we do not know what we want as a change: it remains with our old business... 
Unless a new player comes transform the situation. A kind of Superhero! 
Quebecers would need a superhero like Batman for next general election in Quebec... 
Stay tuned! 
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Photo 2: Batman;
See announcement of the election
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  1. The problem is that none of the other leaders appeal to people.
    We'll still end up with a minority government of 33/33/33. And the same battle will resume in the fall. The only solution for a majority government would be the fusion of opponents in a single party to obtain a total vote of at least 60% and more. This is also the same situation in Ottawa. If the federal Liberals merged with the NDP, we would have a majority of more than 60% against Harper.
    Jean Charest will likely regain power with 1/3 of votes from a turnout of about 50%...
    It is dramatic and even tragic! That's why we need a Superhero!