vendredi 18 mars 2011

Mélanie Guay sings the arrival of spring 2011

The new album by singer Melanie Guay "PALAIS D'HELIUM" is without a doubt the music album to listen to celebrate the arrival of Spring 2011 ...
Mélanie Guay is an artist who writes her own lyrics and composes her music. She is approaching the style of Coeur de Pirate at the word level but we can also see a link with an artist like Lady Gaga at music level. The style is unique, however, and the album is worth discovering.
For Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1), the discovery was not really one because he knew Mélanie Guay since several years ago:
"I noticed Melanie Guay during an event with Diane Juster. I thought it was Diana Krall as she look so like her. I kept in touch with Melanie on Facebook and then I received regular invitations to her local shows but I am not really a music fan and I greatly limits my choices in listening. Unless it's Cecilia Bartoli or Leonard Cohen, I do not go out! (joke)
However, I listened the album of Melanie and it is excellent and to be discover. I regret not having accepted invitations to her shows before but ... I will accept for sure the ones in the future! "
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Photo 2: Mélanie Guay;
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