jeudi 17 mars 2011

The New York Times announces his Internet pay formula...

The New York Times announced its new paid subscription system for the Internet users. Their proposal is similar in all respects to the one of the Financial Times of London as they will still offer 20 free articles to all visitors.
The observers are not convinced that the approach will work because nothing is forcing viewers to pay in contrast to the offer of the Wall Street Journal, which is fully paid and is forcing the visitors to subscribe.
Finally it is the Quebec newspaper La Presse in Montreal who will be the boldest in the Internet. Indeed, Gesca wants to eliminate all paper editions by 2013 and to distribute exclusively online.
Asked about the newspapers on the Internet, Bernard Bujold, creator of the site and a former executive of Quebecor, said:
"Andre Berard ex-president of The National Bank once said to one of its vice-presidents who wanted to close a branch, but on few years quietly: " Do not kill someone by cutting off an arm and watch him die after his blood. If you want to kill someone, you do it at once.! "
Guy Crevier will kill the old Gesca's formula at once. In a sense, Quebecor should have acted like that with the Journal de Montreal. There would had been less unnecessary suffering during two years for employees who ultimately died ...
Regarding The New York Times, I find them too shy and I prefer the formula of Murdoch and the Wall Street Journal. "
A meeting with La Presse's employees is scheduled for Friday, March 18.
Stay tuned!
Picture 1: The New York Times's building ;
Picture 2: The New York Times's newsroom;
Picture 3: La Presse's newsroom ;
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