jeudi 10 mars 2011

The violence in hockey...

The debate on violence in hockey is currently raging in Canada including many Montrealers who are mounting the barricades! People even wants the police to formally accuse the player Zdeno Chara to have hurt Max Pacioretty during the game by Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday night (March 9) and the population has clogged the lines 911 on this.
For its part, Air Canada wants to withdraw its sponsorship because the National Hockey League has refused to suspend Chara. The debate goes directly to the star player Sidney Crosby, also wounded in the head last January following a checking and absent from the game since then.

To be continued ...
Photo 1: Zdeno Chara and Max Pacioretty;
Photo 2 and 3: Max Pacioretty
See video of the event (CTV News) ;
View reports Rue Frontenac ;

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