dimanche 13 mars 2011

Quebecor Media Empire is in mourning...

Two close associates of Pierre Peladeau (1925-1997) founder of the Quebecor media empire are dead: Charles Albert Poissant (85 years) died Friday, March 11 and Jean Neveu (70) died the next day Saturday, March 12.
Bernard Bujold, creator of the site LeStudio1.com and ex-executive assistant of Pierre Péladeau, received several calls from journalists wanting to get his personal reactions following the death of these two characters and dozens of emails offering messages of sympathy.
Here is his reaction:
" I knew very well the two men, but unfortunately, for the record, we were not friends. Indeed, when Pierre Péladeau died in 1997, Dec. 24 officially, it is Jean Neveu, Raymond Lemay and Charles-Albert Poissant who took over the senior management of Quebecor.
On the morning of January 5, 1998, I was thanked for my services as assistant to the president and it's Jean Neveu himself who decided that Quebecor would no longer need me in the future even if I was the founder's immediate assistant and that I was somehow his memory since almost the last ten years of his life. I wanted to stay on board but Jean Neveu was the new boss and he did not want me at Quebecor ...
The memory I have of Charles-Albert Poissant is softer and it goes back to flood in Saguenay Lac St-Jean while Péladeau had decided to donate $ 1 million to help victims and had decided that the money would come mostly from Donohue. Charles Albert disagreed but Péladeau reminded him that it was "him" who owned Quebecor including Donohue and it would be so.
Charles-Albert Poissant never really forgiven me for supporting Péladeau in its decision of $ 1 million in Saguenay and he did not want to confront Jean Neveu in his personal decision to stop me to continue to work within the Quebecor media empire.
Anyway, years went by and let the dead rest in peace.
Charles-Albert Poissant was definitely one of the builders of Quebecor and a founding partner with Pierre Peladeau.
Regarding Jean Neveu, he was a professional with whom Péladeau partnered at the level of printing but he was not a builder of the the empire as was Charles-Albert Poissant. In addition, a significant portion of the career of Jean Neveu took place in other printers companies which Transcontinental especially where Neveu was a close partner to the founder Rémi Marcoux.
God bless their souls! Rest in Peace..."
Photo 1: Pierre-Karl Péladeau, Julie Snyder and Jean neveu;

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