dimanche 7 avril 2013

Catherine Lafrance will publish a second novel...

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) -
This is confirmed, the author and journalist Catherine Lafrance will publish a second novel this September. "LE RETOUR DE l'OURS" will be published by DRUIDE PUBLICATIONS, in the collection "Écarts", at the beginning of autumn. 
The story revolves around a grandfather and his granddaughter, who await the return of the bear upon which depend the survival of an entire village. Catherine is very proud of her new novel. "The novel will be released in September. This is yet another nordic story but completely different from the first novel. This is a scoop. I have not told anyone yet ..." 
Catherine's first novel, "LA SAISON FROIDE" was almost autobiographical and unveiled aspects both dramatic and romantic about life in northern Canada, where she once lived. Her writing style is unique and particularly exciting. 
Congratulations and read right out in the fall! 
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