vendredi 19 avril 2013

The project LA PRESSE

By Bernard Bujold ( -
The new project LA PRESSE exceeds journalism. 
I approached unsuccessfully in 2005-2006 the direction of La Presse in offering my own media project on Internet but at the time only LE DEVOIR was convinced about the web future. Videotron then dominated the Internet in Quebec but his Journal de Montreal did not even have a website... 
Things have moved very quickly since, and if several projects have been launched, many others were also closed! 
In 2006 I had also made approaches with News Corp. They had not accepted my project, but one year later, they launched their own initiative and with great publicity: The Daily... closed today because unprofitable. The Daily was a large copy cat of my small project
In the case of La Presse, their project is different from the Daily and I would predict that their target is to reduce the newspaper and media content and turn themself into a giant advertising agency. A kind of hub airport of advertising with the name La Presse at the top. 
The key to success in the field of communications is money and the newspaper La Presse is basically in a dying industry. Advertising is more promising... and certainly more profitable. The building of the St-Jacques was taken over by Power Corp recently and La Presse will probably move soon in a commercial rented space. 
Conclusion: the portrait of the Quebec media is in transformation, but the media is not in growth mode. The advertising sector however is in growth mode. 
The project La Presse therefore has a good chance to succeed and be profitable! 
To be continued.
Photo 1: Logo and iPad The Daily;
See website LA PRESSE

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