dimanche 14 avril 2013

Justin Trudeau - Prime Minister of Canada...

by Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) -
The Prince is back! Justin Trudeau won easily (80% of all points) Sunday, April 14, 2013 the election to the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. Now comes another challenge to win an election and become Canadian Prime Minister of the country in October 2015, but the popularity of Justin Trudeau is no doubt. 
Recent polls favor Justin in a general election and even a former Canadian Prime Minister, once against the Liberal Party, Brian Mulroney from Conservative Party supports and warns that one should not underestimate the young Justin Trudeau who, according to him, is a very talented man who will go far. 
Personally, I have met as a journalist Justin's father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, repeatedly. Each time I was impressed by the intelligence of the character but also by the force of his gaze. 
I also met the son Justin, two or three occasions, including at the time of his nomination as a candidate in Papineau (26 April 2007). I went out of curiosity to photograph the young politician and I find in him an ardor and a magnetism that can not be invented. One must possess it within himself and Justin has this gift talent, as had his father before him. 
In 2007, at the time of the appointment of Justin in Papineau, then I had predicted he would go far in politics. Today in April 2013, I would say that my prediction holds, and as a politician he is ahead than the schedule I had predicted. 
Does Justin will reverse the current Prime Minister Stephen Harper? Difficult to answer definitively as the champion may disappoint the expectations and the current holder of the title is far from weak. Stephen Harper is a great politician and he knows all the tricks of his trade. But some clues Justin favor and in particular the age of the opponents. Stephen Harper is mandatory in output mode a few years time it will just give Justin time to make his place across Canada as potential Prime Minister. Stephen Harper is 54 years old (30 April 2013) and is leader of the Conservative Party since March 2004 and prime minister since January 2006. Justin Trudeau is 41 years old. This approach's the age of Brian Mulroney in 1984 (45 years) and Stephen Harper in 2006 (45 years). 
One thing is certain, Justin Trudeau has the quality of stars. Seduction cannot not be explained, it is a fact. It's like the talent of an athlete, a musician or a singer. The talent can not be explained, it has to be there. We'll see later, but one must admit that Justin Trudeau is a superior being. 
According to me, his entry into politics is refreshing and makes me happy especially in this era of corruption and lack of vision on the part of our leaders whether in business or in politics. 
Hope I'm not disappointed... 
Stay tuned!
Photo 1.3,4: Justin Trudeau (2013);
Photo 2: Note personnelle signée par Justin Trudeau ;
Photo 5: Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Justin (Picture November 1998 - The Gazette) ;
Photo 6: Justin Trudeau, his mother and his wife (Picture April 2007 - Bernard Bujold) ;
See photo report Justin Trudeau (April 2007)
See photo report Pierre Elliott Trudeau (1976) :

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