lundi 1 avril 2013

The artist Pier Beland farewell...

The artist Pier Beland said farewell to her audience  and she confirmed to be suffering from a cancer that will soon end her life. 
Journalist and longtime friend of Pier Béland, Roger Sylvain, went meet the artist to say a final goodbye. Here is the text (translation) he posted on his Facebook about this visit. 

by Roger Sylvain - Sunday March 31, 2013 - 11:30 am
I went to see Pier this afternoon at the hospital. Yesterday I spoke with Helen, her sister, who had seen her during the day. She told me that the day was pretty good, but it had ended badly as Pier was very ill in the evening.  So when I went to the department of palliative care I do not know how I was going to find her. What was my surprise to see her all in a nice pijama blue satin with makeup, hair and all smiles. I sat on the edge of bed and chatted. She told me that she was given a drug that calmed the pain, probably morphine, but also something that helped her kidneys because they are functioning at a very low percentage. Metastases attacked kidneys and liver. She does not eat because she does not feel hungry, but she drinking water.
I told her about all the messages you left on the Facebook page, I read some to her and she told me she also have read many herself - She told me most of all to thank you: "Say thank you to everyone on my part, all the love and support, I cannot get a more beautiful and good feeling for me at this time. The audience was there all the time, they loved me as much as I liked them"-
Her facebook page is public since yesterday. You can continue to write. She did not intend to sleep a lot, so she will go to read your messages of love and that we never have too much in difficult times, When she left her house, she took one last look first inside, then outside, she found it very difficult to put the key in the door... It must be terrible to live...
She did not want to look the tv report by TVA and LCN- but she is very happy that they thought about it but she it is too sad to visualize everything... She had this comment: "Should one die to deserve some recognition...."
In her room there are displays of her new CD, poster on the wall and the disc is at her bedside table.  She is surrounded, she has good friends for a long time and they are very present. She also told me much good about Eduardo, her producer. They had a recording project for Christmas this year ... it made her laugh by telling me: "It took me two days to make recordings of my songs (on the next album), Eduardo could not believe it as it seems that some singers take weeks, while Eduardo laughing, said: because it will take just 2 days: " We should begin the Christmas album with you tomorrow..." And she laughed, then added: "This is a damn good guy! I would have enjoyed working with him much longer, but what do you want, this is life..."
I found her very serene, I give her all the posts from artists who had called me and she had a beautiful smile ... she was glad to hear about each. She takes her messages on her answering machine, but can not return calls as it would be like to say final farewell to everyone and she would cry... I understand.
I left her with a kiss and she called me: "My little Coco". She always called that for 30 years, but in fact we know each other for more than 40 years. I had brought her on stage in a cabaret called -The Baton Rouge. She was a real doll with hair lower back ... I remember like it was yesterday. We had a long journey together. I knew her family. I will always remember the death of her father Ti-Gus, she was forbidden to go to pray at the tomb of her father, who was a second family, I also tried my luck with Denise Emond (Ti-Mousse) but she refused to tell me.
I have a thousand and one memories and I must say tat Pier is a very good person and a great artist.
I say in closing that I saw a lot of people go, but this way is a first. A great example to follow.
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